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Longest night and shortest day; finding resilience and hope

It was the Winter Solstice this week, marking the longest night and shortest day of the year, with the promise of more light to come.

Christmas Disappointment
However, right now the Nation is reeling from the recent Covid news. I echo Nicola Sturgeon’s sentiment: “Saying this makes me want to cry,” when she announced on Saturday the news of even harsher Christmas restrictions in Scotland. Similarly in England many of us have had to abandon our plans to meet with loved ones during the Christmas period.

How do we find resilience and hope?
So what can we take away from the year 2020 as we leave it behind? How do we retain a sense of hope and optimism? Perhaps within any crisis there is new learning to be gained? This could include, for instance: deepening our gratitude for human kindness and connection; making more urgent the call to protect nature and our environment, or; re-evaluating our fast-paced culture, driven work ethic and global consumerism.

Mental Health Concerns
As mental health becomes a growing problem, I personally feel so proud that Bramham Therapy’s hard working professional team has been able to provide a vital frontline role in the continuity of care to literally hundreds, if not thousands, of people in our local communities throughout this difficult year. We therapists ensure we are ‘there’ for our clients in spite of having to manage our own personal responses to the Pandemic. So I thank our amazing team for their dedication and commitment. And I thank each individual who has put their trust in Bramham Therapy to support them on their journey of exploring deeply, and learning to cope, adapt, change and grow.

Bramham Therapy’s central team will be taking a well-deserved rest until 4th January when we will be continuing to offer counselling, psychotherapy and complementary therapies both face-to-face and online/phone, though many of our therapists will be continuing to work with clients over the Christmas period.

Finally, I offer here a short poem about the winter solstice:

May the longest night and the shortest day,
Bring you rest to your mind and soul. I pray,
May you find guidance and may you find peace,
As the cycle of light will slowly increase.
Embrace the magic that the darkness bears,
Breathe deep in the chill and shift in the air.
May you always be blessed with the light from within,
And may well-being be yours as the new cycle begins.

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