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We can help you by arranging a first session with the most suitable member of our therapy team.

Call (please leave a voicemail) or email and our professional counsellor, Mel Dundas, will contact you in confidence by the next working day to discuss your requirements.

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We are a team of over 30 highly qualified and experienced professionals. All our therapists are fully insured, belong to a professional body, undergo clinical supervision and are committed to ongoing professional development.

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Daddy issues

Fathers’ Day. My dad always said it was an excuse for the gift industry to…

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For Therapists

Room Hire

Marlborough: Cosy Fire Room

We have therapy rooms available to hire at our practices in Newbury and Marlborough to colleagues who meet our criteria. If you are a professionally trained/qualified psychological or complementary therapist, then why not apply join us!

CPD events

We provide cutting-edge continuing professional development (CPD) seminars for therapists of all modalities and health professionals.

Be the first to know about upcoming CPD events.

Counselling helped me rationalise all my concerns and guided me to break my old habits to improve my life. Now I am much more confident and living the life I always wanted

Peter, 26, Software Engineer

I believe that going to therapy for 18 months was one of the wisest decisions I ever made in my life


My sessions have helped me to assimilate important milestones and move forward with a much more positive attitude to the next phase of my life

Female, 50s, Company Director

I found talking to someone who was on the 'outside' of my problems and my circle of family & friends a great help. I wished I had done it a lot sooner than I did.

EW, Female, Berkshire

My therapist helped me through a stage of my life when I was sad, frantically busy, very disorganised and feeling generally out of control.

Working mother, 35, Newbury

I started to have counselling to help with a specific problem, and the benefits of therapy have spread to every aspect of my life.

Female, 50s

It's not often you can say that something has genuinely been a life changing experience but in my case it absolutely has and I can't thank my therapist enough for that.

Male, 50s, Company Director

Therapy helped me through a difficult period, enabling me to work through the intricacies of my emotions so that I was able to get my life back on track.

JS, Newbury

Our Therapies

We specialise in Counselling and Psychotherapy for individual adults, children and couples

Counselling and psychotherapy offer a confidential, facilitating environment whereby a person can begin to clarify and address their difficulties, gain insight and work towards meaningful change.

Counselling can help with a wide variety of issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety, stress & nervous disorders
  • Loss
  • Anger
  • Low self-worth
  • Relationship difficulties

We also offer Complementary Therapies

From musculo-skeletal, joint or back pain to migraines, hayfever and general relaxation, complementary therapies can provide holistic support for good health and wellbeing. Click on a therapy below to find out more.

Aromatherapy Lavender
QXCI Energy
Shiatsu Ying And Yang
Yoga Therapy

Contact us to discuss your requirements or to book an appointment:


We run sessions at our main clinic in Newbury and our rooms in Marlborough.

Bramham Therapy Newbury:

47 Cheap Street
Berkshire,RG14 5BX

Bramham Therapy Marlborough:

47C Kingsbury Street
Wiltshire, SN8 1JE

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