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Read psychotherapy and counselling testimonials from real people who have used Bramham Therapy’s services:

“My sessions have helped me to assimilate important milestones and move forward with a much more positive attitude to the next phase of my life.”
Female, 50s, Company Director

“Counselling helped me rationalise all my concerns and guided me to break my old habits to improve my life. Now I am much more confident and living the life I always wanted.”
Peter, 26, Software Engineer

“I started to have counselling to help with a specific problem, and the benefits of therapy have spread to every aspect of my life.”
Female, 50s (2013)

“My therapist helped me through a stage of my life when I was sad, frantically busy, very disorganised and feeling generally out of control. Counselling completely saved a sinking ship and for that, both my husband and I are eternally grateful!”
A 35 Year old working mother, Nr Newbury

“It was simply a great relief to be able to speak openly and honestly about the difficult and sensitive subject of sexuality and my past behaviour.”
Female, 30s, Management Consultant, London

“It’s not often you can say that something has genuinely been a life changing experience but in my case it absolutely has and I can’t thank my therapist enough for that.”
Male, 50s, Company Director

“Therapy helped me through a difficult period, enabling me to work through the intricacies of my emotions so that I was able to get my life back on track.”
JS, Newbury

“Counselling support and guidance empowered me to make a life-changing decision which has set me on a path to self-discovery and fulfillment.”
CS, Female Company Executive, 44

“The help and support I received from counselling gave me the confidence to change my life, tell my family about my problems and move forward.”
RJH, Newbury

“I found talking to someone who was on the ‘outside’ of my problems and my circle of family & friends a great help. I wished I had done it a lot sooner than I did. Even now two years on I still take time out to refer back to my counselling sessions when a problem occurs in my life.”
EW, female, Berkshire

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