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Working with Anxiety with Briony Martin, 2019

“Well planned and held. Speaker gifted in imparting own ideas and knowledge and incorporating group input. The venue works really well. Briony is an exceptionally gifted speaker facilitator – perfect mix for me of authority and humility” 

“Great content, well presented experienced group which was enlightening in my trainee counselling capacity”

“I enjoyed the open, interactive nature of the workshop. Briony approached this topic with huge sensitivity and openness and I particularly appreciated her sharing her personal experiences”

Relational Trauma, Attachment & Therapist Self-Care, 2018

“Christiane’s presentation was high quality & the day was very engaging. She gave a clear, concise and thorough view of relational trauma and therapist self-care” – C Darriet-Jones

“Great day, amazing workshop and very knowledgeable speaker” – Sarah House

“The speaker was engaging and really inspirational” – Leita, RASAC (Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre)

Stories of Healing, 2018

“Pam was an excellent speaker. A very relaxed, informative and enjoyable morning” – Rebecca Jenkins, Lincolnshire

“Pam is truly connecting and inspiring – thank you” – Angy, Newbury & Marlborough

“I could listen for a week to Pam!”

Endings in Life and Therapy, 2018

“I really appreciated the generosity and empathetic approach of this speaker and the participatory nature of the seminar” – Merri Mayers

“Excellent personal presentation – bubbling with joie de vie and permission to enjoy talking about death”

“Really lovely – all of it. Comfortable interaction, encouraged and enabled” – Siobhan Nell

The Relational Challenges of Love and Sexuality in the Consulting Room, 2018

“Relaxed and intimate atmosphere and setting” – C Bennett

“Interesting seminar, good spacious venue” – Cheryl, Bishopstone

“I liked the interaction and responses to questions, lots of variety of appraoaches covered and helpfully linked.”

Introducing Internal Family Systems, 2018

“All excellent. Informative, interesting and leaves me wanting to know more.”

“Really great workshop. Good balance of theory and practical demo with questions. Also an excellent guided mediation. Thank you” Dido Denman, Newbury

“Brilliant day on fascinating topic with excellent speaker. Learned loads and hungry to explore more. Practical and profound.” Helen Franklin, Newbury

The Web of Shame in the Therapeutic Space, 2018

“Brilliant, exceptional speaker”

“Honestly I can only offer consistent “5”s; this seminar follows in the usual pattern of excellence”

“Superb speaker. Could listen for hours. V knowledgeable.”

Developing Your Private Practice, 2017

“Warmth coming from the venue and speaker. Calming, informative and inspirational.”

“Great ambience. Briony’s delivery was pitched at the right level. Really helpful”

“Lovely ambience. Perfect speaker. Great support. Intelligent layout. Great value for money.”

The Psychodynamics of Online Relating, 2017

“Very informative, especially in terms of the digital contract, and enabled me to begin facing my fear around social media and online relating.”

“SO helpful and thought provoking, useful contribution to the evolution of my digital policy.”

“Speaker excellent. Excellent group work and lively discussions!”

Working with Self-Harm and Suicidality, 2017

“What an excellent day – Pete has a breadth of knowledge and a great human, realistic approach to therapy”

“Excellent speaker, clearly an expert; enjoyable and enlightening about a sombre and disturbing subject”

“Pete has been so informative, interesting, engaging and funny – so interesting. I would definitely attend another of his courses.”

Working in Therapy with Adolescents and Young People, 2017

“Lovely venue and very interesting topic. I particularly enjoyed discussing the case studies”

“Very informative and helpful”

Learning to be a Better Parent, 2017

“I’ve learned a lot both from Suzie and other participants and I value the way the group was facilitated to include everyone’s experience.”

“Very informative and relaxed”

“Good lively group with interesting discussion and feedback”

Energy Psychotherapy, 2017

“Extremely thought- and feeling-provoking”

Meditation, 2016

“As usual, a WONDERFUL and hugely enlightening day”

“Great organisation”

“Informative, experiential, transformative, focussed.”

Dreams, 2016

“As usual, event top notch”

“Excellent attention to detail. Good sense of cohesion around group and speaker”

“The events are always good and well organised”

Sex Addiction, 2016

“Fantastic delivery of the course by Karen, very insightful and interesting”

Neuroscience, 2016

“Excellent and clear. Speaker’s knowledge and experience shines through”

Personality Disorders, 2016

“Really excellent (I don’t often say that!)”

“Pete delivered a very challenging therapeutic process and experience very well with humour and insight”

Autism, 2016

“I really have learned a lot and gained useful ideas of how to work therapeutically”

Addiction, 2015

“Gave a good insight into the complexity of treating addiction and the pitfalls of dismantling defences too quickly”

Equine Therapy, 2015

“Really interesting and absorbing”

“Beautiful ambience”

W Bloom 2016 seminar
Seminar sex addiction 2016

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