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We organise cutting-edge CPD (continuing professional development) training days for psychological therapists and allied health professionals, including trainees. We are proud to attract leading UK speakers in their field, tackling current clinical issues.

Upcoming CPD events

“I particularly enjoyed the range of different teaching techniques – combination of theoretical and practical.  Thank you for a very welcoming, safe and well held session and also for being brave enough to bring up difficult issues”

“Practicing techniques was helpful, and meeting other counsellors / psychotherapists and sharing ideas and experiences.  Very comfortable surroundings, excellent speaker – knowledgeable, warm and good pacing”

“The environment was welcoming and supportive.  The space was a good size, the food and drink abundant, and good to have access to outside space.

“From start to finish the content and presentation was incredible.  I have learned so much in this workshop that I believe will enhance my practice going forward.“

“Thank you for an excellent day! Brilliantly organised. Great quality of speaker, great ambience, great venue. Good interaction between us, felt very engaged”

“I thought Josefine was engaging, warm and interesting”

“Very thought provoking. Christiane engaged empathetically and I especially appreciated how she encouraged questions and ‘thinking about’ collaboratively.” 

I liked the opportunity to hear questions and open discussion. It makes it very informative and interesting. Very knowledgeable speaker and with real experience

“Well placed / regular breaks helped keep focus. Very knowledgeable and informed speaker”

“The natural flow and organic way in which the subject was delivered was very relatable / experiential and informative”

“Relaxed yet boundaried space to open the experience (not unlike ‘play’!) The length of the training and the breaks are just right; enough to feel substantial yet I’m not too tired and ‘switched off’.”

“Lots of food for thought, and very helpful to think about things through a different lens

I liked the interactive feel of this workshop. Thought provoking and stimulating interest and I will be reflecting on the learning

“I really appreciated Nick’s willingness to address our questions so throoughly and his compassion in understanding how challenging some of what was raised might have been for us. Hugely useful!”

“I thought the CPD day was one of the best and most interesting, and personally helpful, that I have attended for some considerable time and I shall be looking to attend more workshops in future.”

This was a very insightful and well informed CPD session. I have learnt a lot, have been able to consolidate my previous knowledge and awareness and will now feel more confident when supporting those who are transitioning or questioning their gender and identity. Thank you.

“This has been so helpful as a way of working and thinking about dreams. I like Stephen’s approach and would like further training on dreams if Stephen does such training. Thank you for the professional organisation of the workshop. I always enjoy the events you offer.”

“Thank you Wendy and Stephen for another brilliant day. I had some reservations as I am not hugely confident about my own dreaming or working with dreams.  I have found the day accepting and inclusive and I have got a lot more out of it than expected.”

“There was a very ambient, warm and inclusive feeling about this workshop which echoed the content of her relational approach. It felt much more personal than many other online workshops that I have been on. The organisation presented and hosted the workshop very competently.”

“Ruth is an excellent speaker and shows by example the value and efficacy of the truly supportive therapeutic alliance, which gives us such gentle guidance into seeing past the ‘headlines’ to the client’s story.”

“The day was richly filled with personal application and adaptability for the current pandemic, which I greatly appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the journey of the day. The group felt safe to share and that enabled a depth of learning to emerge at a natural pace throughout the time we shared together. I felt that we created something very precious and I’m still feeling the impact.” 

“I have really enjoyed today and I am very interested on any future workshops on Jungs work, with Stephen. It has very much brought to life a subject that I have tried to battle with in my head. I have enjoyed the experiential nature of the workshop, very powerful for personal and professional life – it was also safe and deeply held by Stephen.”

“This is by far the best CPD I’ve experienced in a long while.  I spend a lot on CPD, and to be honest, nine times out of ten it’s just ok at best.  This and previous training I’ve done (both with Christiane) have been worth every single penny.” 

I will certainly look for more workshops with Ruth. Please will you ask her back? Ruth has a gift for attuning to a large group with such attentiveness and sensitivity.

Christine was a treasure trove of info and was very engaging. It was enlightening, thought-provoking and gave me a myriad of ideas to take into my therapy room

Liz, Eight Rivers Counselling, Blackthorn, Oxon
Fragmented Minds with Christiane Sanderson, November 2019

Excellent speaker and extremely knowledgeable and approachable. Also pleased about being sent a copy of the handouts prior to the workshop

Ronald Zammit, NHS (Community Mental Health)
Fragmented Minds with Christiane Sanderson, November 2019

I valued the experiential learning opportunities, energy and humour

‘I enjoyed all of it – lots of content but well paced.  The speaker was confident and open in presenting and engaging the audience’

“I particularly enjoyed the experiential nature of the event and that this was so skilfuly and tactfully facilitated.”

Christiane’s presentation was high quality & the day was very engaging. She gave a clear, concise and thorough view of relational trauma and therapist self-care.

I really appreciated the generosity and empathetic approach of this speaker and the participatory nature of the seminar

Speaker excellent, so concise and open, and the day was packed full of content. The experiential exercise was profoundly helpful.

This was a beautiful, balanced and well facilitated seminar

Pam was an excellent speaker.  A very relaxed, informative and enjoyable morning.

Rebecca Jenkins
Stories of Healing, 2018
Rating: 5

Very informative, especially in terms of the digital contract, and enabled me to begin facing my fear around social media and online relating.

Pete has been so informative, interesting, engaging and funny – so interesting. I would definitely attend another of his courses.

Thank you. I really enjoyed this and am going away feeling much more confident!

The small nature of the group and the peaceful venue was perfect for learning

Really great workshop. Good balance of theory and practical demo with questions. Also an excellent guided mediation. Thank you.

Dido Denman
Introducing IFS, 2018
Rating: 5

Brilliant day on fascinating topic with excellent speaker. Learned loads and hungry to explore more. Practical and profound.

Helen Franklin
Introducing IFS, 2018
Rating: 5

Lovely ambience. Perfect speaker. Great support. Intelligent layout. Great value for money.

I liked the group–size, helpful to promoting an atmosphere where engagement and participation is possible. Wonderful speaker dealing with a difficult, painful topic in a positive way that affirms the therapist’s competence.

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What makes our events special?

Our psychotherapy CPD events are delivered by leading UK specialists in their field, and we have been proud to host workshops from acclaimed professionals such as Christiane SandersonDr Ruth Birkebaek, Sir Richard Bowlby and Nick Duffell.

  • Consistently high delegate feedback
  • Small, friendly groups (typically with only 15-25 delegate numbers)
  • Delivered by leading UK specialists
  • Early bird discounts, plus a further 10% off when you purchase 3+ tickets
  • Fabulous opportunities to network with like-minded colleagues
  • CPD certificates provided
  • We have been running CPD events since 2014 and have experience in the hybrid format as well as online-only or in-person-only


The in-person events are usually held in Marlborough town centre, easily accessible from Junctions 14 and 15 of the M4.

Our online format is via live Zoom meetings with live participation, interaction, breakout groups and Q&A.


If you have any questions about our events, please contact us at:

Bramham first hybrid event at our Marlborough practice in November 2021
Bramham first hybrid event at our Marlborough practice in November 2021
Sir Richard Bowlby and Wendy Bramham
Sir Richard Bowlby with Wendy Bramham at our event on Attachment Theory in 2014

Feedback from past events

Average scores from all of our seminars during 2021:

Quality of speaker
Overall assessment of event

Average scores from all of our seminars during 2020:

Quality of speaker
Overall assessment of event

Our speakers

Regular guest speakers at our psychotherapy CPD events include:

Previous Events

Read our summaries and key learning points from past seminars

Working With Anxiety

A Compassionate Approach to Working with Anxiety – with Briony Martin (Apr. 2024)

We enjoyed an interesting and thought provoking in-person seminar with our host, Briony Martin.  The full day involved an excellent mixture of both theory, presentations, group discussions and 1-1 sharing…

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Unconscious Communication In Psychotherapy

Using Transference and Counter-transference to Decode Clients’ Unconscious Communication – with Dr Ruth Birkebaek (Mar. 2024)

Dr Ruth Birkebaek has offered another well paced, highly compassionate and informative workshop, full of great client examples and a live therapy demonstration on “Using Transference and Countertransference to Decode…

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Endings In Psychotherapy

Endings in Psychotherapy with Josefine Speyer (Feb. 2024)

The seminar was very enriching and enjoyable.  Josefine shared with us her experience working with death and the dying and the importance for psychotherapists and counsellors to effect as good an…

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Polyvagal Theory And Internal Family Systems With Liz Calvert Thompson

Polyvagal Theory and Internal Family Systems, Integrating Polyvagal Theory (PVT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) into your clinical practice and life (April 2023)

Twenty six therapists gathered in person at the lovely Art Gallery at the White Horse Bookshop in Marlborough for a day’s learning on the subjects of Polyvagal Theory (PVT) and…

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How To Be A Bad Therapist

How to be a ‘Bad’ Therapist: Deconstructing the ‘rules’ of our profession, reimagining how to work with integrity and creativity (March 2023)

Allison Priestman, provided us with a very inclusive, interactive and live seminar to the online group.  The subject of being a "bad therapist" evoked many feelings and interpretations from the…

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