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What is Counselling/Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy/Counselling is the practice of understanding and resolving emotional problems, relationship difficulties and life challenges through talking in a confidential and impartial setting. The therapist helps to shed new light on these experiences so that you can gain a better understanding of yourself and of the situation, and to arrive at your own solutions for living in a more satisfying way.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help with:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Depression
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Self-worth
  • Bereavement or loss
  • Anger
  • Chronic unhappiness
  • Loss of meaning or purpose
  • Coping with change
  • Eating disorders
  • Sexual problems
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Addiction
  • Self harm and suicidal feelings
  • Life stages such as adolescence/retirement

and many other life challenges

“Nobody, as long as he moves about among the chaotic currents of life, is without trouble” Carl Jung

Counselling or Psychotherapy?

This is a subject of great debate. Some would say there is little or no difference. Others would say that counselling is usually short-term, and focused on a specific problem; whereas psychotherapy is often longer-term, addressing the underlying causes of a person’s difficulties.

Let us help

We specialise in counselling and psychotherapy. We can help you by arranging your first session with the most suitable member of our professional team.

The easiest way to find a therapist to suit your needs is to complete our confidential enquiry form.

Alternatively you can call 07468 573866 (please leave a voicemail) or email

Our referrals co-ordinator will contact you by the next working day to discuss your requirements.

Please be aware that we are not a crisis service. Should you require urgent medical assistance please contact your GP, NHS 111, or The Samaritans on 116123. If you had a life-threatening emergency please call 999 or attend your nearest A&E Emergency Department.