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Unconscious communication in psychotherapy

Using Transference and Counter-transference to Decode Clients’ Unconscious Communication – with Dr Ruth Birkebaek (Mar. 2024)

Dr Ruth Birkebaek has offered another well paced, highly compassionate and informative workshop, full of great client examples and a live therapy demonstration on “Using Transference and Countertransference to Decode Client’s Unconscious Communication”. She began by asking delegates to think…

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Psychotropic Medication and Psychotherapy

Psychotropic Medication and Psychotherapy with Dr Adrian Hayes MRCPsych (November 2023 – Online)

Recording available. Dr Adrian Hayes, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, introduced the broad categories of psychiatric medication including uses; how they work; their effects; and side effects. A few of us (as non-scientists) were concerned that Dr Hayes’ presentation might be delivered as…

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