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Self-help for the heat wave

As temperatures hit 35 degrees this week here are our top tips for staying sane in the sunshine:

  1. Hydrate. What’s good for the body is good for the mind and water is essential for well-being. Keeping well-hydrated guards against tiredness and irritability.
  2. Take more time. In really hot weather we can’t expect ourselves to achieve as much as quickly as we might normally do. Build in an extra 10 minutes to get somewhere so that you can stroll rather than power-walk.   
  3. Be patient. No one is at their best in the heat. Others may move slower, take longer to do things or be more snappy and tense. Getting annoyed or angry will only make us all feel worse so we could consider extending compassionate sympathy to others as well as to ourselves.
  4. Listen to your body. The way our body reacts to stimuli like light or temperature is a good indication of what we need. If we are feeling tired or stressed out in the heat then our body is saying it needs to shelter in the shade and rest. Work and childcare demands may make this difficult but try to put your own needs on the agenda as well.
  5. Consider SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder is usually associated with depression during the darker, winter months. However, some of us experience increased sadness or lowness when the sun is at its brightest, feeling exposed, overwhelmed and unprotected. If this is you, consider getting some extra support to get you through the heat wave. 
  6. Use the season. Ancient civilisations worshipped the sun because it brought light, heat and growth. Consider what aspects of your life you want to grow and be nourished. Then, as the sun shines on you, allow your own inner wisdom to shine on your wishes and dreams and make them grow.

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