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School is out!

School is out, exams are over and the summer holidays begin. At Bramham Therapy we see lots of young clients for whom school is a struggle. The stress of exam season is huge. Combined with constant pressure from social media and wider political issues like Brexit and climate change, this means our young people are growing up in a highly pressurised and uncertain world. Kids don’t see a secure path in front of them; there’s no guarantee of secure employment and even less chance of achieving home ownership. And yet young people are told that it’s their job to save the planet! It’s certainly tough out there and if a young person is experiencing any kind of bullying or social anxiety at school then it’s an even greater challenge for their well-being.

In response to this we’re aiming to stay at the forefront of best thinking and practice in the field of young people’s mental health. We’re hosting a seminar looking specifically at the impact of a boarding school education (link here) where we’re hoping to learn about the particular needs of ex-boarders. Additionally, a group of our therapists have recently undertaken a specialist training in time-limited work with the 11-25 age group. We are glad to have this wealth of experience in our team, enabling us to get alongside young people and help them build self-esteem and resilience. Whatever the reason for a young person needing help, we know that the post-exam season is an opportunity for really important down-time. It may look like teenagers are ‘dossing about’ but the summer break is actually a crucial period of peace and processing for the developing brain. 

We’re proud of the young people we know and hope this summer will be a chance to rest on their laurels and feel proud of themselves.

By: Briony Martin

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