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Britain Get Talking

We’re excited to endorse ITV’s new mental health campaign, Britain Get Talking, launched by Ant and Dec during Saturday night’s Britain’s Got Talent final. 

The duo paused the show to encourage the audience at home to talk to each other for a few minutes – rather than watching the acts or playing on their phones. “Something as simple as talking together and listening to each other can build our mental wellness,” said Dec. 

Over the next month ITV will air advertisements featuring some of its best-known stars, who will use silence to encourage those at home to talk to one another – ‘encouraging you to tune back in to the story in your living room’.

The campaign is designed to bring families closer together and make talking about problems the norm. Visit their website for a plethora of resources to get involved. We liked the ‘conversation starter’ generator which gives you ideas for things to talk about with friends and family. Try this next time there’s an ad break: “If you had to give everyone in the family new names what would they be?” and “What was the best moment of today; and what was the worst?” 

We’re behind anything that promotes talking, listening and support between people. This is what keeps us mentally well. If we can develop these skills in our families and social groups then we’ll be creating a more healthy environment for future generations. 

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