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Getting Help for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) – An Individual Case Study


Formerly known as ME & post-viral fatigue, this condition has historically been rather difficult to treat, but our homeopath in Marlborough, Helen Lee, has experienced positive results.
Helen says “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a serious illness, with symptoms of severe and debilitating fatigue, both physical and mental, which are not relieved by rest.  Sufferers often have additional symptoms such as painful muscles and joints, flu-like symptoms and depression. CFS is often triggered by a virus or infection.  Homeopathy can help by matching a well indicated remedy to the individual client’s symptoms, which can lift after 3-6 months of treatment”.

Individual Case Study

The following case material has been published with consent of the client whose name has been changed.

“I am always tired and need to sleep, I want my life back, I want my confidence back”

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) affects many people of all ages. The most common cause is following an infection such as in this case, Glandular Fever. This condition is difficult to treat conventionally and often antidepressants are prescribed. Following this infection two years previously, Alex’s mum contacted me. Alex was now 21 years old but due to the severity of her fatigue and the anxiety she suffered, it was decided that a Skype consultation would be beneficial.

Presenting symptoms:

  • constant fatigue
  • depression
  • bloating
  • sugar cravings
  • weakness
  • mind full of worries and want of self confidence
  • anxiety

The nature of this condition can be very debilitating and no two days are the same. The lack of energy often results in sugar cravings to add a quick boost and this in turn can lead to bloating and digestive problems. I approached this case slowly, not wanting to introduce too many changes at once but to focus on prescribing a well indicated remedy firstly to try to help clear some of Alex’s symptoms and then followed with dietary advice that could support her once she felt well enough to address her diet.

The first liquid remedy was taken daily for 1 month. The beauty of the liquid remedy was that Alex could increase or decrease the amount she was taking depending on her response to it. Alex and I corresponded on a weekly basis to check in with how she was responding. Once we found a dosage that suited her, she continued taking the remedy for a month before we had a follow up Skype consultation.

1st Follow up

“I feel a lot better, the tiredness has halved, before, when I was tired in the day I would have to sleep now I just sit down for a rest then I’m Ok”

Alex continued on the liquid remedy which I increased the potency gradually over the following months, following several regular 2 monthly Skype consultations.

Once Alex was able to, we looked at her sugar cravings and because she found it so difficult to adjust her dietary cravings, I gave her a remedy to help reduce the cravings. I decided that Alex’s mental and emotional support was more important and the dietary issues which can be addressed when she’s good and ready.  I always ask the patient what it is they wish to address, especially when there are lots of symptoms. In Alex’s case, she just wanted to feel ‘normal’ again to feel well enough to hold down a job and not feel so tired all the time. The beauty of Homeopathy is that it is a gentle treatment that can be used as an alternative or complimentary to conventional medication. As Homeopathy is individualised, no two people receive the same remedy and though their symptoms may be similar they would experience the condition differently.

Alex says “ I turned to homeopathy with an open mind and did not know what benefits it would bring. I was at a low point in my life from dealing with continuous anxiety and chronic fatigue.

My mum reached out to Helen and arranged for us to have an appointment over Skype.

Helen asked me various questions about my condition, to find ways to help me improve my symptoms and not only was Helen very thorough but she was also there to listen.

I continued to have a Skype appointments with Helen on a monthly basis and this really benefited me as every month was different for me and this kept Helen up to date with how I was progressing.

All in all homeopathy has helped me a huge amount, I am now able to work and do normal things that I couldn’t of done 6 months ago. I am now getting my life back on track and I would definitely recommend anyone facing anxiety or chronic fatigue to seek help from Helen as she has helped me so much.”

Following Homeopathic treatment,  Alex is able to go to work part time and has been able to celebrate Christmas and see the New Year in with her family and friends. Something she just couldn’t do before Homeopathic treatment.

If this case resonates with you or you know someone with CFS symptoms, and wish to discuss this further, please click on the link below to find my contact details:

Helen Lee DSH RSHom HbT
April 2018

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