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Dr Aaron Balick

The Psychodynamics of Online Relating – with Dr Aaron Balick (Nov. 2017)

Today, all of us are extended, in some way, into the digital world. Whether it is

Dr Aaron Balick

something as banal as having an email address or a smart-phone, to something more complex like activities on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), we find that this technology has serious implications for ourselves and our clients. As psychotherapists, we are particularly sensitive to the consequences of digital technology as we experience them in relation to our own choices and those of our clients – not to mention how these technologies are used between therapist and client. There is also the issue of the therapeutic frame being threatened by the way technology has the potential to expose us while at the same time making us “contactable” between the traditional
boundaries of the therapy session.

Whether you are an active user of social media or not, you are still “online” if you use email to communicate with clients, engage with the odd Skype session, have a website, or are searchable on Google. In the context of this, we need to better understand the impact of online relating on our clients and ourselves in relation to attachment, intimacy, immediacy, dependency, distraction, and the capacity to be alone. It is also crucial that we use our psychotherapy thinking to understand how this impacts our work.

Through both experiential exercises and theoretical models, this workshop guided therapists and counsellors to better understand issues which may arise in their relationships with their clients as well as their role and responsibilities in the face of the digital world.

Wendy Bramham

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We scored amazing results from the delegate forms:

Speaker (Aaron Balick): 5 out of 5!
Overall assessment of event: 4.93 out of 5

Feedback from delegates:

“Exccellent communicator – lots of sources for thought.  Allied many “internet fears” – will definitely engage in more online traffic”
“Great speaker, explained so much and eradicated so much fear and ignorance on so many levels”
“The small nature of the group and the peaceful venue was perfect for learning”
“Very informative, especially in terms of the digital contract, and enabled me to begin facing my fear around social media and online relating”
“SO helpful and thought provoking,  useful contribution to the evolution of my digital policy”
“Very well organised, very friendly and supportive atmosphere”
“Speaker excellent.  Excellent group work and lively discussions!”

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