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Nick Duffell
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“Loved this workshop, feel very inspired and more curious to read and find out more.”

“I really appreciated Nick’s willingness to address our questions so throoughly and his compassion in understanding how challenging some of what was raised might have been for us. Hugely useful!” – Merri Mayers

“Very interesting topic and defenitely food for thought. It will help me no end with my clinical work. Thank you!”

“It has given me much better understanding of this client group, what way this may be expressed, and ways to work better with these. The discussions have been very informative. It has also been helpful to point to further material on the subject”

“I thought the CPD day was one of the best and most interesting, and personally helpful, that I have attended for some considerable time and I shall be looking to attend more workshops in future.”


“Considering the whole conference was the first virtual event ever held – I thought it was all excellent and worked extremely well – even the interaction between delegates was good” – Suzanne, Goring on Thames“I hold Nick and his work in high esteem, it was great to hear him speak about it live albeit online” 

“I really appreciated Nick Duffell’s presentation – his narrative comments backing the slides were particularly helpful”

“Despite the chaos of lockdown, the transition to Zoom was done really well and worked as a viable alternative” 

“I found the Q&A/comments parts really useful and interesting – the opportunity to hear individuals’ experiences.  And seeing others’ faces (on zoom) rather than backs was a plus for me!”

“Great atmosphere and very calm/natural/easy manner of organiser (Wendy) and the other’s helping to organise the event” – Judith Howell

“Nick is very passionate about this subject”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this training event and look forward to attending other CPD events of similar interest in the future” 

“The Speaker was excellent – content, adaptability and teaching style”


“All of it was thought-provoking”

“I gained insight into survivors’ coping strategies and splitting. Excellent balance of information and discussion”

“I enjoyed Nick’s sharing of his breadth and depth of knowledge, underpinned by theory” – Julia Penrose, Bradford-on-Avon

“Always great – friendly, professional, lovely venue” – Caroline May

“Intellectually stimulating and lively engagement”

“Really enjoyed this, thought provoking and helpful for client work” – Karen Brown

“Excellent speaker, knowledge and ways forward very useful and hopeful for support to clients and for repair”

“Overall, good speaker creating emotional punch” –Diana Burr

“I particularly enjoyed Nick’s openness to questions, challenging clients etc. Kept it live, relevant and useful (as the material is immense)” – Neil Young