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Josefine Speyer
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I thought Josefine was engaging, warm and interesting” – Judith Howell, North Somerset

“A topic that is hard to access training on so really appreciate that it was made available and all the effort taken in putting it together. Very professional and knowledgeable” – anonymous

“Thank you for an excellent day! Brilliantly organised. Great quality of speaker, great ambience, great venue. Good interaction between us, felt very engaged” – Pippa Robinson

Read the blog post about this event

“This was a beautiful, balanced and well facilitated seminar”

“The day was full, open, emotional, helpful and enlightening”

“Excellent communication on lead-up and on the day and very enjoyable” – Claire Shaw (Metanoia Insitute)

“I really appreciated the generosity and empathetic approach of this speaker and the participatory nature of the seminar” – Merri Mayers

“Rich and rewarding”

“Excellent personal presentation – bubbling with joie de vie and permission to enjoy talking about death”

“Really lovely – all of it. Comfortable interaction, encouraged and enabled” – Siobhan Nell