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Christiane Sanderson
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I liked the opportunity to hear questions and open discussion. It makes it very informative and interesting. Very knowledgeable speaker and with real experience

“The opportunity to have discussion / ask questions / share, rather than being talked at, and the way in which the material was contextualised e.g. linking to theory on addictions, specific vulnerable groups was particularly helpful. Lots of other CPD avenues lead off this including deeper exploration of neurodiversity and gender identity. Chrissie always draws on research and evidence, combined this with practical ‘how to’ help” – Sue Seager

“Very thought provoking. Christiane engaged empathetically and I especially appreciated how she encouraged questions and ‘thinking about’ collaboratively.” – Merri Mayers

“Very articulate speaker and well laid out and explained.” – Sophie Graham

“Really helpful in contextualising media use as addiction and seeing it as self regulation.” – Kate Treadaway

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“This is by far the best CPD I’ve experienced in a long while. I spend a lot on CPD, and to be honest, nine times out of ten it’s just ok at best. This and previous training I’ve done (both with Christiane) have been worth every single penny”
Liz Smith

“Excellent seminar, well presented with slides, enough time for discussion, online worked well. Christiane Sanderson is clear and concise and offers her knowledge and experience as well as up to date information which is valuable”

“Thank you this has been really enriching and helpful”

“Such a rich day of learning. Relevant to every client I work with”

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“Excellent speaker and facilities. Difficult topic made easy to understand”
Sinead Gibson

“Christine was a treasure trove of info and was very engaging. It was enlightening, thought-provoking and gave me a myriad of ideas to take into my therapy room”
Liz, Eight Rivers Counselling, Blackthorn, Oxon

“Fantastic speaker, venue was not too big/crowded which is nice”

“Excellent – informative and inspiring”
Dido Denman

“Christiane Sanderson presented the topic in a clear, warm and experienced way”

“Well organised in all aspects, plenty of opportunity to talk to speaker, always well planned and followed up”
Vanessa, Newbury

“Excellent speaker and extremely knowledgeable and approachable. Also pleased about being sent a copy of the handouts prior to the workshop”
Ronald Zammit, NHS (Community Mental Health)

“The subject was very intense (I like this) but the organisation, venue, trainer made it alive and easier to digest”
Margaret Watson, London

“Extremely informative and offered a lot of new material to think about”

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“Christiane’s presentation was high quality & the day was very engaging. She gave a clear, concise and thorough view of relational trauma and therapist self-care”
C Darriet-Jones

“The speaker was engaging and really inspirational”
Leita, RASAC (Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre)

“Loved the presenter’s style – just fantastic”

“Great day, amazing workshop and very knowledgeable speaker”
Sarah House

“First time here, and very impressed so all positive”
Martin Fahey

“I found all aspects interesting and useful”

“I especially enjoyed the honesty and examples that the speaker gave”
Mel Dundas

“I valued the speaker’s willingness to engage with the participants”

“The speaker’s use of real life examples was very helpful”

“I valued Chrissie’s energy and way of explaining things in a way that I could understand and retain”

“Excellent! Invite Christiane back”
Jo Turner

“Excellent – I valued the speaker’s approach”
Gina Selby

“Interesting and informative”
S Gibson

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“Speaker excellent, so concise and open, and the day was packed full of content. The experiential exercise was profoundly helpful. Really good in all aspects”

“Brilliant, exceptional speaker”

“Honestly I can only offer consistent “5”s; this seminar follows in the usual pattern of excellence”

“Really lively speaker with whom it’s easy to engage”

“Number of participants good as too many limits participation”

“Superb speaker. Could listen for hours. V knowledgeable”