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Briony Martin

A Compassionate Approach to Working with Anxiety, 2024

“Practicing techniques was helpful, and meeting other counsellors / psychotherapists and sharing ideas and experiences.  Very comfortable surroundings, excellent speaker – knowledgeable, warm and good pacing”
Sophie Page, Private Practice, Cheltenham

“I particularly enjoyed the range of different teaching techniques – combination of theoretical and practical.  Thank you for a very welcoming, safe and well held session and also for being brave enough to bring up difficult issues”
Hermione, Totnes

“Great CPD delivered clearly and great venue”

“Organisation very good, nice venue with easy parking.  Speaker content good with helpful tips and relaxed delivery”

“Good space and ambiance.  Well paced good speaker”
Sally Fenton

Private Practice Workshop Series Part 2: Handling Money & Optimising Supervision, 2020

“I particularly enjoyed the sharing experience – learning others practice”

“Handling of money – very useful for a new practitioner. Lovely venue, informative speaker and supportive group”
Christian Povey

“Really refreshing and made me reflect on my practice”
Dido Denman

“I particularly enjoyed the intimacy of the group and sharing of experiences. Both topics well covered”

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“This was brilliant. Helpful, informative, reassuring and fun (which was surprising given the subject matter!”

“All was informative. Beautiful new centre”
Christian Povey, Newbury

“I particularly enjoyed the way it was facilitated – it felt inclusive, non-judgemental, informative and friendly! Briony was an excellent speaker – I liked the fact that it was a small group too – plenty of opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussion”
Emma, private practice

“Great formal information. Policy made interesting and accessible. Briony was very competent and knowledgeable. The style of the presentation was sensitive and inclusive”

“I liked the openness and the fact that the info had been summarised and distilled. Great new venue – felt safe, comfortable and confidential – as well as aesthetically pleasing!”
Alice King

“Very able and competent speaker, very holding and knowledgeable”

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“All in all I benefited very well, I gained insights into the cause of my own anxiety and ended up feeling excited about my own practice”
Diana Burr

“I particularly enjoyed the exchange of ideas and experience that was generated by the subject matter. It was a very interesting and lively day exploring issues which seem to affect us all to a greater or lesser degree”
Louise Andrew

“I enjoyed the opportunity to listen and talk around anxiety. It was a fab venue and knowledgable speaker”
Heather Kapelko

“Great content, well presented experienced group which was enlightening in my trainee counselling capacity”
Kathy Crowhurst

“I particularly enjoyed finding my own compassion and skills techniques and was happy with training – felt engaged throughout”
Sally Harris

“The inclusivity of the workshop and how it became a discussion rather than a slide show was enjoyable”
Madeleine Duncan-Booth

“I enjoyed all of it – lots of content but well-paced. The speaker was confident and open in presenting and engaging the audience”
Jane Thompson

“Well planned and held. Speaker gifted in imparting own ideas and knowledge and incorporating group input. The venue works really well. Briony is an exceptionally gifted speaker facilitator – perfect mix for me of authority and humility”
Judith Vaughan

“The location was easy to find. I enjoyed the speaker and her presentation style. The topic was very informative”

“I enjoyed the open, interactive nature of the workshop. Briony approached this topic with huge sensitivity and openness and I particularly appreciated her sharing her personal experiences”

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“Warmth coming from the venue and speaker. Calming, informative and inspirational”


“Great ambience. Briony’s delivery was pitched at the right level. Really helpful”

“Lovely ambience. Perfect speaker. Great support. Intelligent layout. Great value for money”