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Dr Ruth Birkebaek
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“I gained more insight in how to work with non-verbal communication to help clients tell their story. I found the demonstration of giving therapy that Ruth gave very helpful.” Carol Bennett, Andover

“Very participative and a powerful real therapy session which was so illustrative of being aware of physiology as well as verbal responses.” Anonymous

“From start to finish the content and presentation was incredible. I have learned so much in this workshop that I believe will enhance my practice going forward.” Henrietta Ray

“The environment was welcoming and supportive. The space was a good size, the food and drink abundant, and good to have access to outside space.” Denise Spinney

“The therapy session demonstration was excellent, putting into practice the theory described earlier. It really showed how the work is deeper than words, a communion of souls.” Anonymous

“The delivery by the speaker was exceptional.” Anonymous


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“As always, Ruth delivered her talk with great warmth and generosity, sharing her experience of therapeutic errors and inviting delegates to share theirs. She was particularly sensitive to the needs of those attending online, ensuring that they felt included and heard. She gave us a really informative, connected enjoyable seminar.” Mel Dundas


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“We were given a wealth of knowledge, experience and theoretical referencing during our seminar” Mel Dundas


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“Wonderful speaker, very good style and very inclusive.” Annie Rapstoff, Didcot

“Certainly the topic of obsessive worrying is so prevalent, not just because of the pandemic, but because of the general and societal insecurity and seemingly overwhelming self-demands to be perfect in every way, which puts such a lot of pressure on people. Ruth is an excellent speaker and shows by example the value and efficacy of the truly supportive therapeutic alliance, which gives us such gentle guidance into seeing past the ‘headlines’ to the client’s story.” Louise, Ramsbury

“Really enjoyed the speaker and found her manner and demeanour very easy to listen to.” Dave, Hungerford

“Excellent speaker – insightful, concise, clear.” Helen, Bristol

“The client examples brought the seminar to life and excellent presenter.” Kate, Winchester

“Ruth is a great speaker – so empathic and welcoming of questions. I really enjoyed the workshop.” Mel, Marlborough

“Good speaker. Ruth definitely has that therapeutic charisma – you trust what she says. Very accessible. Very grounded. Very human.” Maria Siepe, Bristol

“Very accessible and well run, well held, good size group, excellent speaker. Great.” Anonymous

“I liked Ruth’s sharing of the ways in which she gently explores what a client would be feeling, remembering or doing if they weren’t worrying. I really liked her prosodic voice and “I am not the expert” approach to both her client work and also to the questions from her audience today. It made me feel valued and my offerings, significant. There was a very ambient, warm and inclusive feeling about this workshop which echoed the content of her relational approach. It felt much more personal than many other online workshops that I have been on. The organisation presented and hosted the workshop very competently.” Sue Ivey, Hook

“Excellent presentation and easy to understand and relate to. Ruth works in a similar way to me and I found it useful that the focus stayed on the topic. Any areas of the literature, that was forwarded prior to the seminar, that I was going to question were answered within the live presentation. I feel I have another worthwhile perspective to consider and possibly develop into areas of my work with clients. Thank you.”  Tom, Stroud


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“Great emphatic speaker. Sensitive and very attuned”
Diana Burr

“I will certainly look for more workshops with Ruth. Please will you ask her back? Ruth has a gift for attuning to a large group with such attentiveness and sensitivity”
Carol Bennett

“Engaging information / theory; clearly presented; good collective atmosphere”

“Ruth had a very engaging manner and huge confidence / knowledge of her subject”

“Very engaging speaker who conveyed her ideas empathically and beautifully”

“One of the best events I have been to! Good parking and easy to find”

“Very good speaker, good pace, very informative”

“Excellent organisation, venue, facilities and speaker”

“Really interesting, beautifully presented”