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“Wonderful ambience, great organisation, brilliant speaker”
Caroline May

“I enjoyed Stephen’s facilitating depth work in a short space of time”
Melanie Kay, Oxford

“Deeply important and significant. Tremendously inspiring and helpful for self and clients”
Angela, Newbury

“All excellent and really good fun”
Annabelle Hartley, Alton

“Venue, speaker and organisation as well as attendees – brilliant”
Christina Faruki

“Wonderful speaker”

“Please can you get him (Stephen) back?!”
Alexandra Pilkington

“I enjoyed the encouraging nature of the workshop leader. Really fascinating subject matter”

“I enjoyed the shared element of everyone’s experience. Fantastic seminar – wish it had been all day!”
Mel Dundas

“Stephen was fantastic”
Debbie Kelly

“Location great, nice environment. Good participation by all, fab speaker very knowledgeable”
Kathy Crowhurst (Andover Support and Crisis Centre)