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“I have found the day to be well paced, and well balanced between information giving and experiential activities. And would love more from Stephen!”
Kelly P.

“Thank you Wendy and Stephen for another brilliant day. I had some reservations as I am not hugely confident about my own dreaming or working with dreams.  I have found the day accepting and inclusive and I have got a lot more out of it than expected.”
Kate Blockley

“I am left with deep long lasting insight.  Stephens approach is gentle and non threatening/judgemental.  Thank you Wendy too for your hard work and care.”
Sally Walters

“This has been so helpful as a way of working and thinking about dreams. I like Stephen’s approach and would like further training on dreams if Stephen does such training. Thank you for the professional organisation of the workshop. I always enjoy the events you offer.”
Linda Revington

“I really enjoyed this time and space; the learning and experience. Thank you to Stephen and Wendy and to everyone taking part. I found the ‘human to human’ quality and ethos that you have created and held throughout, Stephen, very affirming. Thank you so much.”
Dawn Wilson

“Wendy thank you for superb organisation, again. I really enjoy Stephens way of holding the space, his pace of words and thinking…Inspirational day. I feel left with some real insight and courage to allow dreams and working with dreams into my consulting room.  Connection to the ‘bigger’…collective…humanity…universe…all feels profoundly present today, and I very much value this.”
Jaana Laidlaw

“Thank you to Stephen, Wendy, the group as whole and especially the people I worked with in the breakout rooms. Hugely thought and feeling provoking”

“Thank you Stephen for an enriching day, thank you everyone”


Read the blog post about this event

Thoroughly enjoyable CPD, despite having to take place on Zoom, a great connectedness was created within the group and the depth of material Stephen elicited within the group was thought provoking and enjoyable
Debbie Kelly

The day was richly filled with personal application and adaptability for the current pandemic, which I greatly appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the journey of the day. The group felt safe to share and that enabled a depth of learning to emerge at a natural pace throughout the time we shared together. I felt that we created something very precious and I’m still feeling the impact.
Sally Walters

I have really enjoyed today and I am very interested on any future workshops on Jungs work, with Stephen. It has very much brought to life a subject that I have tried to battle with in my head. I have enjoyed the experiential nature of the workshop, very powerful for personal and professional life – it was also safe and deeply held by Stephen.
Emma Johnsey

Enlightening personally and affirming of good practice.
John Homewood

Significant, deeply helpful for personal and client work. It’s been inspiring for growth.
Angela Man

I have valued the pace, style, content of this day greatly, and thought that Stephen held the group beautifully. I would like more of this please!
Kelly Paterson

Re-kindling my connection with Jungs ideas; this feels really important and nourishing just now . Thank you. Really appreciating the pace, spaciousness and connectedness of the day
Jaana Laidlaw

Really valuable day.  I have enjoyed the experiential nature of the workshop and the connected nature of the group.
Kate Blockley

Thank you for the workshop which has been thought-provoking and enriching, personally and clinically.  I feel glad to have been part of the group.
Georgia Dench

Thought provoking, nourishing and deeply connecting. Expertly delivered by Stephen with a real sense of unity felt by the group. I will certainly be signing up for more workshops in the future.
Jessica Bennett

I would love to see Stephen Bushell return to give another workshop. I found his delivery to be very engaging and welcomed his experiential style. He held the group in a way that invited trust and disclosure and I valued his personal involvement in the process.
Carol Bennett


Read the blog post about this event

“Wonderful ambience, great organisation, brilliant speaker”
Caroline May

“I enjoyed Stephen’s facilitating depth work in a short space of time”
Melanie Kay, Oxford

“Deeply important and significant. Tremendously inspiring and helpful for self and clients”
Angela, Newbury

“All excellent and really good fun”
Annabelle Hartley, Alton

“Venue, speaker and organisation as well as attendees – brilliant”
Christina Faruki

“Wonderful speaker”

“Please can you get him (Stephen) back?!”
Alexandra Pilkington

“I enjoyed the encouraging nature of the workshop leader. Really fascinating subject matter”

“I enjoyed the shared element of everyone’s experience. Fantastic seminar – wish it had been all day!”
Mel Dundas

“Stephen was fantastic”
Debbie Kelly

“Location great, nice environment. Good participation by all, fab speaker very knowledgeable”
Kathy Crowhurst (Andover Support and Crisis Centre)