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Counselling in Newbury and Marlborough

Autism in the Therapy Room – January 2024

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“Super-informed, skilled practitioners who complement each other beautifully”

“Gave me a sense of hope and encouragement that I can give autistic clients a positively different experience”

“Trainers who really know their subject”

“Helped me learn something about myself through embodied experience”

“Collaborative atmosphere, inclusive and clearly boundaried”

Autism in the Therapy Room – January 2023

“Helpful to work with embodiment and physicality”

“Good mix of teaching, group work and discussion”

“Both trainers are amazing and work so well together”

“The course content was perfect”

“I loved the wealth of knowledge within both trainers and how this was delivered with care and lack of judgement”

“Varied discussion, anecdotes shared, examples of practice”

“Thank you, I’m taking home energy and inspiration for work!”

“Clear, engaging, warm, varied.”

“Great use of visual, physical materials and body”

Read the blog post about this event

“Have really enjoyed the day and feel I have a better understanding of working with client with ASD. There is far more to understand but I feel this has been a good start” – Sarah Brigden

“I was somewhat apprehensive about the Hybrid meeting, but actually it worked quite well. The odd glitch, but that’s to be expected. I thought the two speakers worked well with each other and gave a bit more ‘life’ to the event.”