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Brexit uncertainty

As I write there is still no clarity about Brexit. Anxiety and uncertainty about the state of the Nation is spilling into the consulting room. For some of us, disagreements over Brexit have created or exposed divisions within families and between friends. For others, the issue has knocked trust in the ‘system’, whether we feel frustrated about the lack of progress towards leaving the EU or whether we wish we weren’t leaving at all. What’s clear is that we are living through a period of collective uncertainty and frustration. And when this happens it’s natural to experience feelings about it – anger, sadness, frustration, disenfranchisement, hopefulness or hopelessness. 

How do we deal with these feelings? It’s easy to assume we need to get rid of or ignore them. In fact, this political uncertainty puts us deeply in touch with a fundamental truth about human life – we are not in control. This is uncomfortable! It’s hard enough to acknowledge that we cannot control things in our personal lives. Uncertainty and instability on a national or cultural level adds insult to injury. 

Humans have always had to deal with this deep truth about our lives – we’re not in charge. This extract from the online newspaper, The Huffington Post  outlines some simple steps to taking care of ourselves when things feel uncertain. Our top pick from their ideas is the concept of ‘grounding’. Humans have evolved as part of, not separate to, the Earth. Taking an ‘earth’s-eye’ view of Brexit reminds us that whatever is happening on a political scale, the Earth, nature and the seasons continue to cycle around, carrying us safely with them. Autumn offers us the opportunity to let go rather than to cling on. Whatever happens with Brexit there will be winter loss and spring regrowth for us to tune into if we choose. 

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