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Autumn is a time for letting go

The beautiful autumnal colours and falling leaves make me think of letting go. 

Is there something you need to let go of? 

This could be a negative pattern of thought or behaviour; a coping mechanism that is no longer serving you; a belief system? Or it could be something you love and can no longer hold on to, such as a marriage, a house, a career, a hobby or a lifestyle; or it could be that you have lost someone important to you.

To live a full life we cannot escape the difficulties of loss and letting go. Even the late Queen Elizabeth II said ‘Grief is the price we pay for love’. 

Letting go and adapting to change is often painful as it can challenge us to redefine our very identity. But holding on can be just as painful and may keep us trapped in the past. To let go and to grieve, we are required to turn quietly inwards and stay ‘present’ to our feelings, to let them ‘be’ with surrender and acceptance.

Autumn is a time for rest and reflection in preparation for new beginnings. 

The trees let go of their leaves to make room for next year’s growth.

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