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Regulation Updates with Briony Martin (Sept. 2019)

You would be forgiven for thinking the subject matter of this workshop would be less than exciting! To make matters worse, there is an overwhelming amount of information published by our professional bodies on the topics of therapist regulation and best ethical practice. However, our speaker, Briony Martin, was able to summarise all of this material, making it very accessible in a relaxed and informal manner. Briony facilitated a lively, inclusive and non-judgemental discussion, making this event feel fun, refreshing and reassuring.

Briony covered topics such as GDPR and privacy statements; how we keep and store client notes and records; limits of confidentiality and the ‘circle of confidentiality’; professional wills; and the updated ethical frameworks from our governing bodies. The most salient points I took away with me are a) the client’s interests should come first, assisted by the therapist demonstrating trust, respect, integrity, accountability and candour; and b) there are very few hard and fast rules when it comes to all of the above!

I personally was excited to host this event, which was our first-ever outing in our lovely new Marlborough practice, including a ‘christening’ at the end with a glass of prosecco and informal tour.

Thank you to Briony and all delegates for their participation, professional experience, friendliness, and of course for their feedback.

Wendy Bramham
October 2019

Feedback scores and comments from 9 written forms:
Organisation of event: 4.89 out of 5
Speaker (Briony Martin): 5 out of 5 !

“This was brilliant. Helpful, informative, reassuring and fun (which was surprising given the subject matter!” Dido
“All was informative. Beautiful new centre” Christian Povey, Newbury
“I particularly enjoyed the way it was facilitated – it felt inclusive, non-judgemental, informative and friendly! Briony was an excellent speaker – I liked the faact that it was a small group too – plenty of opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussion” Emma, private practice
“Great formal information. Policy made interesting and accessible. Briony was very competent and knowledgeable. The style of the presentation was sensitive and inclusive” Lorinda
“I liked the openness and the fact that the info had been summarised and distilled. Great new venue – felt safe, comfortable and confidential – as well as aesthetically pleasing!” Alice King
“Very able and competent speaker, very holding and knowledgeable”

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