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Counselling for children, adolescents and teenagers

Bramham Therapy – with practices in Newbury and Marlborough – provides counselling to children, adolescents and teenagers, as well as adults of all ages. Helping people when they are young can help prevent mental health issues from developing or worsening later in life.

This message was endorsed by the Duchess of Cambridge in 2015 who records for the BBC a supportive video message to mark the start of Children’s Mental Health Week.

At Bramham Therapy we have counsellors who work with children and adolescents – please enquire: 01635 226880 or read more about therapy and how it can help, by visiting our website:

In March of 2018 a number of our team are undergoing further specialist training in London to work with adolescents and young people (approx age range 14-25).  This will help meet the growing demand for counselling of our young people.  Social media (and its prevalence for unhelpful, unrealistic comparisons with peers), exam pressures and uncertainties about future career prospects are named by many as causing increasing mental health problems for our young people.

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