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Anger in the therapy room

Saturday’s seminar on anger at our Newbury Clinic was a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience with other counsellors and holistic practitioners in the capable hands of facilitator, Jacqui Smith. Anger is neither just ‘good cop’ or ‘bad cop’, we learned, but needs to be grounded if it is to be used effectively to affirm our boundaries. Jacqui showed us techniques to help clients begin to express anger physically yet safely – wringing a tea towel for example – and led us through a visualisation to help manage and process angry feelings in ourselves. Anger turned inwards can become very destructive in the form of depression, Jacqui reminded us. Depression in our clients and in ourselves can often signal underlyng anger and I came away wanting to reach out to and befriend that anger in the hope of releasing depression’s grip.

by: Briony Martin, Counsellor and Psychotherapist at Wendy Bramham Therapy

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