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“I found each session more and more useful they helped me explore my own behaviours and began to see ever increasing improvements in both the workplace and surprisingly outside of work too.”
Andy Stringer, Engineering Manager for Railway Engineering Projects in the UK

“The coaching has been a new experience for me and one that I have found very beneficial. The process around the solutions is also very positive in that it encourages the coachee to identify the actions they need to take rather than ‘off the shelf’ solutions being provided.”
Male, Executive Manager, Dublin insurance services

“It’s not often you can say that something has genuinely been a life changing experience but in my case it absolutely has”
Male, 50s, Company Director

“The support and guidance empowered me to make a life-changing decision which has set me on a path to self-discovery and fulfillment.”
CS, Female Company Executive, 44

“My sessions have helped me to assimilate these important milestones and move forward with a much more positive attitude to the next phase of my life.”
Female, 50s, Company Director

“Executive Coaching managed to help me improve both my home life and also my passion for competitive cycle racing. …I would advise anyone thinking of taking sessions to go and try them, my life was certainly changed for the better.”
Martyn, Engineer, 30s, Newbury


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