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The Longevity Docs are experienced doctors who have time to provide you with personalised health coaching.

As practising General Practitioners, they understand that there are so many obstacles and distractions preventing each of us from making those healthy habits stick, and the prevailing forces in modern life are acting to deter us from that goal.

Their aim is to help you improve your health span – the amount of life lived free of disease. Longevity, (a noun meaning great length of life), may be the happy consequence of such changes. The Longevity Docs study the evidence backing different interventions, be it fasting or the latest supplements on offer and will formulate a realistic and achievable plan personalised for you. The science is advancing, but many of the interventions on offer are shrouded in controversy and doubt. They will help you cut through uncertainties and choices, to help you build strong and reliable foundations that equip you with habit change and support a healthier lifestyle, and encourage you to go back to each of the fundamental dimensions of your life and establish healthier habits.

The Longevity Docs coaching approach can be the touch point to keep you motivated and moving forwards. If you want to become the healthiest version of you, if you want to try a fresh approach with an evidence base, then give their sessions a go!

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Current Practitioners: