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Gua Sha Facial Massage

The Face in Bloom

Introducing a new treatment at the Bramham Therapy Centre in Marlborough – Gua Sha Facial Fusion. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the face is the flower of the body and its bloom (your skin, eyes and hair) are a mirror of internal balance and wellbeing. 

Facial Gua Sha is one way of connecting your inner world and outer landscape. The meridian channels of the body merge in the neck and head, so working over the channels and also on the acupressure points on the face have an effect on the corresponding channels rooted in the body, which helps to balance and strengthen the internal organs. 

Gua Sha Facial Fusion is a blend of Eastern and Western techniques and combines: Gua Sha facial massage with different tools, Thai Herbal Poultice and very specific lymphatic drainage massage techniques. 

Some of the benefits of the treatment: 

Clears stagnation – the meridian channels of the body can be viewed like lakes. Imagine a dam in the lake obstructing flows. As a result “stagnation” may occur leading to inflamed, dull, tired and congested skin. The action of Gua Sha can help to clear the skin and promote the natural healing process. 

Moves blood  Facial Gua Sha moves blood (promoting blood circulation) increasing the oxygenation and nourishment of skin cells. 

Promotes lymphatic drainage – facial Gua Sha has a noticeable effect on puffiness via fluid drainage, it opens up the lymphatic pathways releasing stagnation and clearing them. The treatment helps to reduce inflammation, facial puffiness and dark circles.  For under-eye puffiness the best way to diminish swelling is to work on the neck, jaw and under the cheeks first.  

Promotes Facial Glow – by increasing movement through massage, the skin is able to naturally clear obstructions leading to a reduction of acne, rosacea, puffiness, dark circles and sensitivities.  The treatment encourages a free flow on vital nutrients to feed the skin, which results in a fresh healthy glow that radiates from within. Regenerates facial tissue and restores vitality

Re-patterns the way the skin ages – the combination of facial massage and Gua Sha helps to clear any noxious accumulation, releases deep–seeded facial expressions and tension and promotes the free flow of nutrients to feed the skin.  Tones, firms and lifts sagging skin, minimises fine lines and softens deep wrinkles. 

During the treatment only natural products are used to cleanse the skin and seasonal Facial Oil is massaged into your skin. It is designed to bring back visible vitality, maintain hydration and suppleness and also calm irritation. 

Gua Sha Facial Fusin treatments are available at the Bramham Therapy Centre in Marlborough on Mondays.

Please get in touch with Gabriela Slater at Bramham Therapy to ask any questions and to book an initial appointment.

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