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£149 virtual
£169 in person
£79 follow up session
£399 series of 4 sessions


Bramham Therapy clinics:
07468 573866

Direct mobile number for The Longevity Docs:
07767 453079





Treatments Practiced:

Health Coaching

Philosophy and style of working:

Dr Andrew Fisher
Work with Dr Fisher if you are looking to elevate your daily functioning, with a personalised programme of health promoting behaviours and supplementation to suit you.

Dr Fisher is a general practitioner with over 23 years experience in studying and practicing medicine. He recognises the limitations of NHS primary care in treating established disease and the importance of preventative medicine. This led him to co-found thelongevitydocs in 2022.

Dr Angus Tallini
Dr Tallini believes in treating each individual as a whole, not just singling out one particular symptom or condition, but seeing you in the context of your wider lifestyle. Combining this approach with his belief in preventive healthcare is a powerful way to make positive change and potentially extend your healthy years. He is a doctor with nearly a quarter of a century of experience and has been a practising GP for 15 years as a GP Partner in Berkshire.

Dr Tallini trained in Health Coaching in 2022, which uses an individualised approach to discover reasons and patterns behind your lifestyle choices to support you to make prioritised changes.

Professional Accreditations:

  • European Mentoring and Coaching Association (EMCC) Accredited Training
  • Affiliate member UKIHCA (UK and International Health Coaching Association)

Training and Experience:

Qualified as a doctor in 1999 (Dr Tallini) and 2004 (Dr Fisher) then as a GP in 2008 (Dr Tallini) and 2010 (Dr Fisher)
Dr Tallini then completed an accredited training in Health Coaching in 2022 and Dr Fisher in 2023.


Emma Thomson, Wiltshire, May 2023 “Thelongevitydocs approach was well supported with evidence and individual practical advice. Dr Fisher helped me feel much more confident in what to do to maximise my health and wellbeing”

Clare McIntosh, Wiltshire, June 2023“Dr Tallini showed a great insight into my health behaviours, helping me to consider new approaches I had not thought of before. That really moved things forward for me.”

Andrew Breeze, Berkshire, June 2023“Dr Fisher’s personalised plan has provided me with confidence and hope for my health going forward… Exactly what I have been seeking”

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