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Maggie Hall


£65 per session c. 1 hour


Bramham Therapy clinics:
07468 573866

Direct mobile number for Maggie Hall:
07717 130914





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Treatments Practiced:

Bowen Therapy

Philosophy and style of working:

Trust and respect are fundamental to each treatment I carry out and this is gained through my expertise and professionalism. Working in a calm and effective manner, with thorough investigative procedures undertaken before treatment. After care advice and follow up also given.

Professional Accreditations:

  • Diploma in The Bowen Therapy, Level 8 2016
  • Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology, Level 3 from Open Study College 2017
  • Equine Bowen Therapy, Pass with Distinction 2020
  • Full Member of The Bowen Association UK – member no. 1743
  • Full Member of the European School of Equine Bowen Therapy

Training and Experience:

Trained with John Wilks in Sherbourne in 2016, practicing the Bowen Technique since then from home.
Trained with Beth Darrall of ESEBT 2019/20, qualifying and practicing the Equine Bowen Therapy since from home.


Grace: ‘I could not believe I stood there pain-free after a 45-minute treatment having been unable to walk in properly because of back pain. I said to Maggie at the time – it was a miracle’

Emma: ‘After seeing Maggie 3 times I had such an amazing feeling of wellbeing that, after consulting my doctor, I reduced my anti-depressants by half! Such a relaxing, yet uplifting therapy’

Anna: ‘Felt great from the first treatment – much more awake and with more energy. I noticed a real change in my right shoulder. I had more movement range and when sat at my desk did not hunch as much. Also noted a much stronger feeling in my lower back as if a bandage had been put on). I normally have back pain in the morning when I wake up this was not the case also if I jar my back it can go into a spasm later the same day and result in heavy medicine use to relieve the pain, but this did not happen after the second treatment. Overall, I stood much straighter and had much more energy’

Jane: ‘Margaret healed my chronic lower back pain in 2 treatments, and it has lasted. For the first time in 20 years, I have been pain-free. I have also received treatments to my shoulders and left leg (chronic injuries from cycling accidents) which have also given me such relief from chronic pain. Lastly, I’ve experienced positive emotional releases during the treatments, thank you Margaret and I would recommend anyone to receive a treatment from you’

Catherine: ‘Would highly recommend Maggie. Her treatments are so relaxing and I always feel less achey and heavy after. She is friendly, professional and calming’

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