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Water lily
Rising from the muddy depths


As we approach the longest day and the summer season seems to be coming and then going again, I have been pondering on how the nature of the personal changes we make in our lives can sometimes feel fleeting and intangible. Sometimes the change feels clear and resonant, other times slightly out of reach like the early part of this summer, as if it’s only just within our comprehension, a glimmer around the edges of our awareness.

Certainty is not a luxury we have as human beings no matter how much we may crave or search for it. Rather our lives, much like the seasons are a series of transitions from one state to the next. How we navigate these is perhaps our life’s work, whether with grace, delicacy and trust, fear, grasping or desperation, we approach and withdraw with our own unique set of feelings and well worn patterns each time.

As we enter this Blooming-time I wonder whether we can consider further how we process our transitions and the sometime intangible nature of change. Are we ready to risk questioning those patterns and unfurling just that little bit more, can we keep on reaching toward more of the positive in our lives, toward the sunlight and warmth that encourage our reach toward wholeness? How do we limit our flourishing and our gorgeous glorious Blooming? And what will our personal blooming look like, what can our imagination, the seat of our unconscious tell us about what we are blooming into, would we be a tree, a fruit, a flower, an animal or something ancient and earthy?

As we are seeing this summer and each summer, there are days of brilliant sunlight, sumptuous heat, cooling breezes and sudden unexpected storms of rain and winds. May we embrace all the vagaries of this season knowing that there’s a core strength within us that is quietly responding and, whatever the surprises and perhaps the unexpected griefs and losses along the way, we all retain the potential to Bloom.

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