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Kate Treadaway


£60 per 60 minute session


Bramham Therapy clinics:
07468 573866

Direct mobile number for Kate Treadaway:
07855 407419



Marlborough & online

Kate Treadaway - BACP Member no. 178957

Treatments Practiced by Kate Treadaway:

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Philosophy and style of working:

Kate Treadaway is an Integrative Therapist who believes that we can access our own internal and external resources by exploring, not only to how we think and feel, but how our symptoms and coping strategies show up in the body.  There are lots of therapies available, but Kate sincerely believes it is the long lasting, warm, accepting relationship that builds up over the therapy sessions, that is where the healing and transformation occurs. By searching for help, which is the first step, Kate hopes that she can be that reliable, warm, accepting Therapist for you if you choose to work with her.

Kate is trained in sensorimotor psychotherapy which attends to symptoms which show up not only in our mind but also in the body.  Latest research informs us that what we are feeling and the sensations that we experience are our body’s way of recording what has happened. Kate will work with you to access the wisdom of our whole being to heal and restore. This takes place when we mindfully approach our experiences and contact our inner knowing that has often been shut down or not attended to as we have been overwhelmed. This may have left us with symptoms not memories, such as illness, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, thoughts of self-harm or suicide. Kate will work with you on your presenting difficulties and where needed she would also recommend other therapists such as a nutritionist to look at balancing the system with a different diet or equine therapists who harness the therapeutic nature of horses.

Kate is also a Myers Brigg Practitioner which means she is trained to help you explore your personality preferences. This helps to discover your preferred way of processing information and making decisions which informs you how you communicate and make sense of the world. It can be an invaluable way of finding your strengths and abilities that you may not have fully uncovered – yet!

Professional Accreditations:

  • Level 1 and level 11 Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
  • Qualified Myers Briggs Practitioner
  • Diploma in counselling children and young adults
  • Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
  • Post Graduate Certificate in teaching children with specific learning difficulties
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education
  • BSc(Hons) Psychology Degree
  • Member of BACP
  • Member of British Psychological Society

Training and Experience:

Kate trained and worked in a charity setting at Willows Counselling Service for thirteen years as a therapist and a trainer and set up her own private practice in 2018. She has trained at the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute and is registered on their website as a therapist. She also has ten years experience working in Schools as a Specialist Support Teacher with children who have learning differences, such as Dyslexia ADHD and ASD. Kate spent a year overseas in Uganda working among rural communities supporting a development programme.