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For the latest information on COVID-19 for therapy clients and visitors, please download this PDF (last updated 24 Feb 22)

Hannah Farr is offering face to face as well as online/phone sessions

Hannah Farr


  • £110 for an initial assessment
  • £90 per individual therapy session
  • £110 per couple therapy session
  • Medico-legal reports (price on enquiry)
  • Consultation services (price on enquiry)

On average people usually require about 6 – 10 therapy sessions. Of course, everyone is different and how many sessions will depend on several factors including what problems you are facing. Discussions about the number of sessions needed will be ongoing throughout the work we do together.


Bramham Therapy clinics:
07468 573866

Direct mobile number for Hannah Farr:
07767 879720





Treatments Practised:

Chartered Clinical Psychology

Philosophy and style of working:

I offer individual assessment and therapeutic intervention, group interventions (where appropriate) and work with couples. I work with people who fund their own sessions and those who are funded through private health insurance and legal services. Other services I offer include consultation services and medico-legal reports. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements. I have extensive experience of working in secure services with men and women who have required support with mental health difficulties whilst in forensic settings.

Professional Accreditations:

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
  • MSc Health Psychology
  • BSc (Joint Hons) Psychology and Social Anthropology

Training and Experience:

I have worked in several settings in my career including charities, the private sector and the NHS. I have worked therapeutically with adolescents experiencing mood disorders to brain injury, and with adults experiencing difficulties from mood disorders to psychosis and personality disorders.