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Yoga Therapy

What is Minded Yoga Therapy?

Minded yoga therapy is an approach that combines yoga therapy and mindfulness practices, conducted through an in-depth neuroscientific and physiological perspective and informed by psychotherapeutic principles.

When we are truly overwhelmed by painful emotions it influences every part of our universe. The most effective way to encourage long-term transformation is by focusing on the entire person and not just one aspect. Research reveals that faster and more long term healing occurs through the intelligent integration of mind and body techniques.

Minded yoga works at a cellular level to replenish and maintain a physical and emotional balance, restoring equilibrium to the body. Through breath work and postures, clients begin to develop their own self-awareness, creating improved vitality, confidence and empowerment. Everyone possesses the innate capacity to heal and, given the right tools and understanding, everyone can tap into this intrinsic ability. Developing the tools to becoming more empowered and resilient helps us to deal with every day life challenges. A strong body, reduced stress levels and a calmer mind will result in deeper relaxation and general wellbeing.


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