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Michelle Cyril is working both in-person and online

Michelle Cyril


£395 – includes a 2 hour consultation, tailored plan emailed to you within 72 hours and a 30 minute follow up appointment


Bramham Therapy clinics:
07468 573866

Direct mobile number for Michelle Cyril:
07958 294082



Marlborough & online

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Treatments Practiced:

Support for poor sleep/insomnia for adults, children and families

Philosophy and style of working:

Michelle is passionate about providing her clients with sleep solutions that are personalised and compatible with their lifestyles.

Michelle is a sleep practitioner and qualified nurse. She is trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia, an approach used to treat young people and adults with insomnia / poor sleep. She is also an Advanced Paediatric Sleep Practitioner and is highly experienced in supporting children and young people to transform their sleep. Her holistic and scientific approach is foundational to her practice which is embedded in the tailored and comprehensive plans she creates. Michelle believes helping all her clients understand the science behind sleep will help you to say “good bye to sleep deprivation”.

What is included:

  • Before your appointment
    • Michelle will email you a 2-week sleep diary and comprehensive sleep assessment form to complete.
    • Michelle will meticulously analyse these and, when relevant, will calculate your sleep efficiency score.
  • During your two-hour appointment
    • Michelle will explain normal sleep, sleep science, what may be keeping you stuck in a cycle of poor sleep and most importantly, how to get unstuck.
    • She will explain the different options to revolutionise your sleep.
  • After your appointment
    • Michelle will create a tailored sleep management programme and email it to you within 72 hours.
  • Follow up appointment
    • A 30 minute follow up session is included, Michelle will analyse your latest sleep diary and re calculate your sleep efficiency score.
    • Should you require, a further follow up appointments these can be booked individually if required.

Professional Accreditations:

  • Trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia with Oxford University
  • Advanced Paediatric Sleep Practitioner
  • MSc nursing
  • Dip He Child nursing
  • Professional Membership: Nursing and Midwifery Council

Training and Experience:

Michelle works both privately and for the NHS. In addition to being a sleep practitioner, she has over 20 years of nursing experience.


“I have endured phases of extremely poor sleep since I was a teenager but have always managed to ‘get through’ somehow. However with the onset of the menopause, I was really struggling and, some days, feeling quite desperate. I realised I needed to seek professional help and Michelle Cyril was recommended to me.

After having an initial discussion, I filled out a comprehensive sleep assessment and sleep diaries for a fortnight, then we met for a consultation. What was interesting was that even before I started the sleep programme that Michelle put in place for me, I had a better night’s sleep – simply after talking to her. I think this was because she had such a calming effect on me – and reassured me I wasn’t a lost cause!

What I really appreciated is that, after collating all my relevant sleep data and having an in-depth, collaborative conversation, Michelle put together a programme to suit me and my lifestyle. For someone who is quite set in their ways and easily unsettled by significant change, Michelle managed to work around my ‘good habits’, while helping me to reintroduce a significantly better sleep regime. I stuck to the programme she set me and in just two weeks my sleep has improved. Thanks to Michelle, I know that I have so many ‘techniques’ at my disposal if I were to have a bad night.

It’s so important to establish good sleep habits – and I’m not simply talking about sleep hygiene. I was unable to do this on my own, without the help of a professional, and I’m so relieved that I sought Michelle’s help when I did. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Female Client
Age 52