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For the latest information on COVID-19 for therapy clients and visitors, please download this PDF (last updated 24 Feb 22)

Whilst there are many self-help resources on the internet, the choice can be overwhelming. So we have hand-picked a selection of bite-size videos and blogs which we think are particularly helpful in protecting your mental health. This page was set up to assist people during Covid but still continues to be applicable to assist with managing stress, anxiety, depression and other concerns.

Qi Gong exercise with Emma Comfort

Oprah Talks with Bruce Perry

In this Apple TV episode, Oprah Winfrey discusses strategies to regulate stress with a foremost trauma expert

Oprah Winfrey, via Wikimedia Commons

Coping with fear and anxiety

10 minute Mindfulness exercise

Bramham Therapy’s Jo Morgan leads a 10 minute Mindfulness exercise.

Domestic abuse support

Bramham Therapy’s Julie Luscombe specialises in this field

sexual harassment

The power of Kindness

Limit the news


Lockdown: a therapist’s perspective

self-help resources

In praise of not taking up a hobby during lockdown

Bramham Therapy’s Bridget Walker discusses the importance of quiet reflection


Anxiety: Workshops for Teenagers

Do you know a young person who would benefit from reducing their anxiety? We are running a solution focused 6-week workshop which will empower young people to take responsibility for their thoughts and feelings, and focus on the positive changes they want to see instead.

Further support

Links to extra resources

We have put together a PDF full of links to agencies and charities offering free or low-cost help, as well as apps for mental health.

Further support

Extra blog posts

Read our blog posts on COVID-19 self-help for extra support.

A Sense of an Opening

A 10-minute BBC Point of View clip from psychotherapist Susie Orbach on the third lockdown

Daffodils open

Keep a routine and structure

5 mins with worldwide expert on trauma, Bessel van der Kolk.

Look after your biological clock

From the Centre for Chronobiology in Switzerland

biological clock

That uncomfortable feeling may be grief

That feeling may be grief

Life is Fragile & Precious (a client’s perspective)

Life in lockdown

Titanic movie as metaphor for how we each respond to this crisis

We recommend starting this video by forwarding to 3m 10s