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Hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety

What comes to mind when you think about Hypnotherapy? Many people associate Hypnotherapy with the image of a swinging pocket watch or the concept of stage hypnotism whereby it appears the subject’s mind is being controlled for the purpose of entertainment.

But did you know that in fact it can be a very powerful form of therapy for those looking to make positive changes such as breaking habits, forming healthier behaviours and thought patterns and for relaxation and stress release.

A good Hypnotherapist will understand that every client is unique and therefore every treatment should be too. They will offer a thorough consultation, which gives the client the opportunity to discuss their issues and any goals they have, this will enable the therapist to form a treatment plan and devise therapeutic suggestions to use in the treatment that are bespoke for the client.

There are various different techniques a hypnotherapist might use, depending on their preferences and also what is most suitable for the client, but essentially the idea is that the client is guided into a deep relaxation until they reach a trance like state known as ‘theta’ where the conscious part of the mind is relaxed and the subconscious part is more open to suggestion. This is the point at which the therapist will then make the appropriate suggestions to the subconscious mind based around what the client is looking to achieve. But what is it like? Many describe it as feeling like they are deeply relaxed but have a heightened awareness; some say it is like that feeling of being in a daydream or on ‘auto pilot’ which you might experience when you are driving a route which you have done a thousand times before! It is important to understand that at no point is the mind being taken over or controlled, and only suggestions which the client agrees with, and that sit within their ethics and belief system, will land. The client is able to bring themselves out of the trancelike state at any time they wish.

Some see positive impact immediately, others may require a number of sessions to help reinforce these new suggestions, and sometimes the therapist will make a recording for the client to practise at home or teach the client self-hypnosis techniques. The therapy can be bespoke to the individual’s needs.

Many find Hypnotherapy helps them to achieve a state of deep relaxation and they will leave the session feeling relaxed and refreshed, hugely beneficial for those suffering with stress and anxiety.

Amy Richards
Amy Richards – Hypnotherapist

Please get in touch with Amy Richards at Bramham Therapy in Marlborough to ask any questions and to book an initial session.

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