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shell spiral

The Spiral Path: The shell’s spiral pattern can be seen as a symbol of psychological growth in that life presents us with repeated opportunities to face what we fear.

“Each time we cycle around the spiral path to the place that gives us difficulty, hopefully, we gain more consciousness and can respond more wisely the next time; until we can finally pass through that nemesis place at peace and in harmony with our deepest values.”
Jean Shinoda Bolen

How Can Therapy Help?

Entering into a counselling or psychotherapeutic relationship primarily involves gaining a deeper awareness, understanding and acceptance of oneself. The relationship with the therapist offers a facilitative and confidential environment, where someone seeking help is able to explore his or her internal struggles. He or she can begin to address the difficulties they are experiencing, gain insight and work towards meaningful change.

We all have a tendency to repeat patterns of thought and behaviour, and even though we would like to change, it can be difficult to do so. The type of counselling and psychotherapy we offer is particularly useful in making sense of recurrent problems and in illuminating their roots. The therapeutic relationship provides a unique opportunity to discover how, for instance, in our attempts to avoid painful experiences from the past, we may end up in the very situation we so hoped to avoid. This process can enable a person to gain deeper self-awareness and to discover inner resources, resulting in greater freedom of thought and action. It can help a person to build the strength to make meaningful choices, thereby allowing life to be lived in a more fulfilling and creative way.

Therapy can be conducted over several weeks (called ‘time limited’) or for as long as it feels useful (called ‘open-ended’). We work with individual adults, couples, and children over 11 years.

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